What does the “Next Normal” mean to channel partners?

Long before the pandemic was declared, nearly two years ago, the speed of enterprise digital transformations was clearly accelerating via the channel. Businesses understood that technology could significantly improve business outcomes through increased productivity, access to data, asset protection, and management and were turning to their partners to provide that value. Fast forward to March of 2020, where the COVID-19 crisis created enormous personal, economic and cultural change. Everything was thrown up for grabs – everything changed particularly for MSPs trying to service remote workers.  And now, two years in, we are just beginning to see the permanent impact on our business world. What’s happening now and how can Intel VPro® Platform help?

Yes, the business world has changed, and that change is accelerating 

Today I was thinking about the changes we have been through in the past few years and most significantly the change in how most of us work.  When offices across the world abruptly closed and most employees found themselves working from home with a new virtual space, many believed this would only be a temporary situation resolved once the pandemic was under control; they were wrong.  This was a situation of pent-up demand for the next generation of workers who desire a hybrid and remote work life.  They got what they wanted and frankly now very few of them are willing to go back to the way it was; hybrid and remote work are here to stay for a large swath of the population.  

What does this mean for channel partners who support the employers of these newly hybrid remote workers?  Well, to start it moves far beyond simple enterprise-wide video collaboration or simple productivity tools like Slack or Monday to manage their remote work. The very workforce who is working remote also continue their work remote journey using public/open home wi-fi, disparate devices, unencrypted data files, and applications that often don’t have the same security or management as the ones they left at the office.  As a result, remote worker cyberattacks have become not a matter of if, but when, putting all companies with remote workers at risk.  Phishing emails alone have increased close to triple-fold as the hackers realize remote workers are more likely to click on links and have less oversight on their behavior.  In fact, cybercrime as a whole has increased by 600% since the beginning of the global pandemic.  

Partners must take aggressive actions to enable their customers to transition to this the ‘Next Normal’ of work, while also protecting their client’s data and providing a strong security posture.  Add on top of this challenge the fact that most company leaders are also concurrently seeking digital technologies to improve their business results in a ‘Digital Normal’ world, and you can imagine that the average partner is changing up their playbook rapidly in these new times.  Their customers are demanding that their channel partners deliver, and they are demanding increased productivity across the board while, let’s face it, doing yoga with investment dollars. These leaders are increasingly turning to technology investments such as applications, devices, and services to address the business process and productivity issues that will hold their firm back. 

So, what does this mean for Channel Partners who are their customers outsourced IT? 

Managed Service Providers aka MSPs have a unique opportunity to become the heroes their customers need as they embrace the Digital Normal. Businesses are outsourcing entire functions and are demanding better solutions and tools to improve IT productivity and increasingly it is their MSP who is lighting the path forward for their success. MSPs are proving themselves indispensable by going beyond normal services and providing full IT & Security support. Simultaneously, IT Professionals are seeking solutions that integrate new, transformative technologies to support these demanding business needs.[ 83% of IT leaders planned to outsource their security to an MSP this year, with the MSP market expected to reach $41 billion by 2022 due to outsourcing security functions. MSPs want to be confident their tools can enhance productivity, help secure their customer’s assets, improve the ability to manage remote devices, and ensure business stability and reliability.​ This adds to the need for more remote management with easy and reliable coordination across internal and external teams.  

Enter the Intel vPro® Platform for a MSP win ​

MSPs who are delivering value for their customers need technology that can work harder and longer than they do – and provide the security, remote management, and powerful hardware that makes their job easier to do. Computers that are part of the Intel vPro® Platform – are designed to support enterprise IT outsourcing, by providing multilayer security, professional-grade performance, complete manageability, and exceptional reliability and stability. To meet the MSP’s demand for top performance, their services employees have provisioned Intel vPro® Platform – enabled devices to ease the management of business clients, particularly those working remotely. 

MSPs know that the Intel® Hardware Shield technology, exclusive to Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows, offers protection against device attacks below the OS level, reducing the total attack surface. Machine learning is built into the processor, which allows it to offload memory faster than computers without Intel vPro® Platform activation, and by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Intel vPro® Platform – enables devices to detect the signs of malicious activity sooner. This helps MSPs better protect their customers data and stop the hackers in their track! 

The remote management component limits the impact to business continuity too. From KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) over IP support to remote power control and boot redirection, Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows makes it possible for an MSP to act before their entire network is compromised. This makes it easier to identify and correct problems in situ rather than having the customer send devices back to campus.  If files are encrypted on Intel vPro® Platform devices, fully remote management with KVM support makes it possible for IT administrators to fix or wipe devices as needed — even if the OS itself has been compromised. 

With the right tools and solutions, you can set yourself up for #success and crush your 2022 goals. Isn’t this something we all want?

The bottom line is the intense focus on business productivity will not change for MSPs who provide top level service to their customers. The availability of proven, tested solutions that support improvements in productivity, security, manageability, and reliability like Intel V-Pro® Platform can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT resources across the entire business.  That’s the stuff businesses are built on and MSPs have been building businesses across the globe with success and will continue to do so – long live the MSP model.  

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