The Sales Management Paradox

Is management to blame for lackluster performance? The sales management paradox can be summed up as follows: we depend on sales managers to coach and steer our most valued sub-group of talent, our feet on the street, our sales folks. Yet in a lot of cases, these very sales managers (usually following a period of top sales results) were promoted into a job they were not properly equipped to handle successfully. After all, hiring, team building, coaching, performance management, and everything else involved with sales management is miles from being an individual contributor chasing a number. No wonder so many fail to deliver.

Here’s a simple truism: great managers are able to empower middle-of-the-bell-curve talent to achieve superior results, whereas average managers need highly skilled people to accomplish their goals. So often in our industry I hear business owners complain that there are not enough highly skilled people available to fill their job openings, especially in the sales ranks. When I hear this I ask them when they last conducted a management/leadership analysis, the answer is often “never”…. Companies routinely spend more on hiring and training staff members than they do on their own internal management despite the fact that investing in management delivers a superior ROI. So I challenge you – do you have excellent sales managers? Do you know what excellent looks like? Evolve your management and you will watch your company’s performance sky rocket. Conversely if you keep looking to hire only highly skilled (sales)people you will see your payroll sky rocket without the matching profits to support it. Think we’re wrong? We’d love to hear your position, so drop us a line or call. #leadership #empower #management

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