The Man Bun and other Reasons your Marketing Isn’t Working

Congratulations you redid your website. You’ve spent a bunch of money with your “web-designer du-jour” because marketing online – well that’s the key to success isn’t it?

You got rid of those stodgy old people in suits around conference tables in all your marketing materials and online – you replaced them with people that have tats and man buns. And of course you launched a new Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account and you are doubling down on Linkedin with all the “big words” that make it so unclear what your firm actually does yet makes you feel like you do big stuff!

It’s all launched – and unfortunately all you have to show for it are a bunch of DMs of people looking for a job (love your new website are you hiring) looking to have you use their services (noticed the new handle we can help promote you )and looking to sell you their products (did you know my XYZ can help your firms grow ABC?) I hear this story almost every time I talk to customers; they spent to evolve and they didn’t get new customers.

Want to know what went wrong? It’s the man bun – well it’s not just the man bun but I’m hoping you get my point – the new look and feel does nothing to help your company get business. Neither does shouting from every social media platform about your services or products; frankly people are just tuning you out.

Why? Because customers believe they are in charge of their own journey through your products and services. So while all of us were out looking for new ways to get closer to our customers, or looking for ways to use “big data” our customers have decided they want to tell us what they want, they intend to tell us how to provide it, what it should cost, and how and where they should be able to get our offers.

And for the most part they are vendor agnostic – that’s right that loyalty we all counted on for decades…coming to a fast end if we keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s a new digital normal world and if we want to grow, we will have to truly embrace it.

So, what should you have done in the example above? Well, it’s simpler than you might think. You need a new marketing plan, not just a new look and feel. That marketing plan needs to identify your reason for being in a new “customer experience first” marketplace.

For more details on this listen to our JS Group Podcast for real world examples and how to get this done best.

But here is the fast summary of what needs to be done:

  1. What do you do? What “job” are you hiring me to do for you or your business? Why does it matter? How much does that cost?
  2. Why are you relevant? This is some deep stuff and you need to spend real time here and figure out how you can better help or serve customers with quality that matters. Once you do that you can figure out what content is needed to talk about this and then you can be truly relevant. As a bonus it will also seem less like you are marketing every time you are on social media.
  3. Find new ways to be discovered – content is king and where you place that content and how it is found is even more critical. Voice, Video and Image search is soaring while traditional search is beginning to lag. You need content in the form of podcasts, YouTube series etcetera to truly stand out
  4. Develop a message that matters – not to you but to your customers. This may well be the trickiest part so give a listen to the Podcast for some good examples.

Need help? Give us a call at JS Group 908-566-7241 or visit us on

We can talk about our Market Action Planning Program, which costs $20,000 and includes myself (a C-suite exec with years of building go to market, product and marketing plans that help customers grow triple digits) and one other of our top experts based on your businesses needs, for 2 full days in sunny Florida (we can come to you but it will cost more), and we will write your new business plan including your marketing plan so you can get growing.

See what I did there? Simple to understand, about your business, cost is up front and you know how to take action – that’s just good marketing.

Looking forward to chatting soon and until next time remember take control of your business, alternate your approach and compete to win.

Ctrl. Alt. Compete.

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