Selling to SMB

According to a recent AMR Research report SMB (Small and Medium Business) will buy technology at a rate that far surpasses Enterprise spending. SMB’s (defined as a business that has more than $50M but less than $1 billion in revenue) plan to increase IT Budgets by nearly double in comparison with their larger enterprise competitors . Firms with less than $250 million in revenues will actually increase their spends even more, by 33% when compared to larger SMB’s.

So what does this mean for all of our partners in the channel? Unless you’re already targeting SMB, it’s time to develop an SMB practice. And it takes a totally different approach to the business and your business plan. Selling SMB requires an on-line branding and go to market strategy very different from what most of our clients are accustomed to today.

It requires a new kind of sales talent. A different kind of marketing. And finally a different kind of leadership. To successfully penetrate SMB you’ll need to get a little uncomfortable (no, not itchy wool Christmas sweater uncomfortable, but close to it).

Aside from getting outside your wheelhouse (I refuse to write ‘comfort-zone’, which should be added to the boneyard of business clichés), is this difficult? Not really if you know what to do. Is it costly? Not in the least. Profitable? Absolutely!

So if you plan to aggressively pursue the SMB opportunity (and you should), and struggle with what it means to your organization, give us a call – after all we are in this together.

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